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Agrobotic Sensors allow farmers  to precisely measure soil nutrients. 
Farmers now can control their yield, cut down on expenses, and lower emissions.

Agrobotic Benefits

Agrobotic gives farmers a better understanding of their crop health.
Farmers are given actionable data allowing them to optimize irrigation, fertilization, soil treatment and more. Using this technology farmers increase crop yield at harvest, with less investment in labor and fertilizer.

The Solution

Agrobotic has developed soil sensors that are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of farming.

The sensors connect to a mobile app connects, where the data from your field can viewed in realtime .

This data is also reviewed by Agrobotic’s AI algorithm to give you real time prediction on crop yield, nutrient levels, and water usage.

The Nitrogen Probe

Sensor nodes are located at specific depths to give farmers a soil cross section. Data from those nodes is used to interpolate the spaces between the nodes.

Sensors are made from a high strength polymer and can withstand normal farm use and abuse.

Sensors are manufactured on Vancouver Island, Canada, with a secondary facility in the United States planned for 2024.

Coverage depends on the crop and management practices of the grower. On average, about one probe every 20 to 40 acres. Non-irrigated broadacre might have a probe every 40 to 70 acres, all soil zone- dependent.

Sensor Features

Agrobotic sensors are designed with a broad range of farm conditions in mind.
Sensors are built to withstand rigorous farm use. With regular maintenance the sensors are designed to last 15-20 years. 

How Agrobotics Helps Increase ROI

Nitrogen Opimization

John in Illanios grows high yield soybeans. John spends over $100,000 on fertilizer during the growing season to make sure the available nitrogen in his fields meets the nitrogen demand of his crops.

Current solution

John buys fertilizer when it is convenient for him, applying it to all of his fields. Areas high in nitrogen get the same amount as those low in nitrogen.

Agrobotic solution

John uses the Agrobotic app to know exactly where he has low nitrogen levels. This allows him to order in advance and strategically apply nitrogen to the areas of his fields that really need it.

Positive ROI

After 12-18 months

How Agrobotics Helps Increase ROI

Water Management

Brad in Alberta needs to order water for his pivots three weeks in advance. Ordering too much water is a waste, but ordering too little will negatively impact Brad's crop.

Current solution

Brad looks at the weather forecast and how dry his fields are to guess how much water he will need.

Agrobotic Solution

Brad can see real time and historical water data for the top three feet of soil in his fields. This allows Brad to order water with confidence.

Positive ROI

After 6-12 Months

Savings Per Crop Type

Based on an average 500-acre farm (50 for grapes), the expected sensor purchases outlay and financial benefits in the areas of crop yield, irrigation savings, fertilizer savings and emissions savings are summarized below:

*average expenses and seasonal yields (Ontario/Manitoba)


Added Yield


Reduced Irrigation


Lower Fertilizer


Lower Emissions

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